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These are just a few of the wonderful testimonials we have received on Facebook and via Email. We love hearing that you love our products! Have a review, or comment? Please send us your feedback via the contact page, and thank you for joining us in our journey towards #toxinfreeliving !


I’ve been using these products for over a year and love everything about them and feel good using them in my home. Their customer service is 5 stars and I would recommend them to everyone. I support small business and anyone who is trying to help save our planet. D.O. ~ Vancouver, BC


I LOVE the dishwashing soap! It works great, a very effective cleaner, and smells delightful! I have also used the laundry soap and it's a very good cleaner - you really need just a tablespoon per load! And it feels great to be using natural cleaning agents and natural high-quality essential oil scents. Brava! J.M. ~ Vancouver, BC


Here's a dudes review of the all purpose cleaner. It works better than anything store bought I have ever tried. My wife likes to leave the stovetop looking like a caked on grease trap for weeks. Couple sprays and 30 secs later it cuts through all the grease and baked on crap. Works on the bbq as well.
Dude approved. B.S. ~ Vancouver, BC


I love ALL of the products, if there were more I’d buy them too! The cleaning spray will leave your counters spotless and smelling great without the use of harsh chemicals, making it PERFECT for use in the kitchen. There is a great selection of scents and products to choose from! S.B ~ Vancouver, BC


Outstanding products. If I could figure out how to post pictures from my phone on facebook I would show you the tests I have put the dish soap and stain stick through. Even after deliberately washing my dishes then the plastics, the plastics still came out grease free! And a ball point ink stain that had been dryer set came out of a t-shirt with 2 treatments of the stain stick. And they smell amazing! K.C ~ Coquitlam, BC


We own everything that BK Naturals makes! We swear by it all! Safe for the kids, loved by everyone and the owner is such an amazing lady! We highly recommend BK Naturals to all our friends and family! The All Purpose Cleaner is absolutely amazing! Cuts through the toughest grease and still safe! Highly recommend it to everyone looking to make safe, effective greener choices! J.S ~ Vancouver, BC


Review from a multiple repeat customer - Love love LOVE my room spray I got!! Makes my whole house smell so good and the natural scent actually lasts longer than chemical based room sprays (ex. febreeze)! VERY reasonable prices which make it affordable for the average family. Highly recommend!!! K.J ~ Abbotsford, BC

 Love this naturally scented cleaning solution. Am allergic to ++ products. Absolutely no problems with this one. Leaves my house smelling so clean and fresh. Looking forward to trying out more products. B.I. ~ Delta, BC


I picked up my favorite pink linen shirt without realizing I had melted chocolate all over my hands - uh oh! This was a true test for the stain stick and it passed with flying colors! Thank you, I can wear my shirt again! ❤️ And bonus, I love the all-purpose cleaner, too. It smells clean and fresh without being perfume-y, and works really well on my stone counters. K.S ~ Louisville, KY


I bought the all purpose cleaner and laundry detergent and all I can say is WOW! My kitchen is sparkling clean and I didn't have to gasp for air from the nasty fumes you get from store bought cleaner. I love this stuff! I washed a load of towels with the laundry soap and they came out clean and super soft! Great products! S.R ~ New Westminster, BC

Bought the laundry detergent and the stain remover stick at a local market recently. And have to share my experience about the stain remover. (The laundry soap was also terrific) My favourite shirt. Nothing fancy, but comfortable and everyday wear. It had a stain right smack center about the size of a loonie... Couldn't even tell you what the stain was, but had been there for at least 2 months... Been thru many washes. I used the stick about 3 times, (let it sit and tried again) before throwing it in the wash. The stain was completely GONE! I seriously was woohooing all over the house! So awesome! K.S. ~ Langley, BC


Just need to let everyone know the Stain Stick REALLY works. It took week old Soy/Chilli sauce off of my white sheets! I thought they were going to be garbage. Thank you so much for an awesome, natural product! S.S. ~ Delta, BC


Tried the dish soap and I love it! It smells great and cleans dishes up like a charm. It's great to know when you use this that your keeping our planet healthy and supporting small business. Also used the royal flush product with my houseful of boys and life just got a bit fresher for me!! lol!! Excellent stuff! S.B. ~ Richmond, BC


We just started using these products a week ago and we are in love! Amazing every one of them in quality and how they work and not harm to us or the environment! We are wow'd and much more. There is no streaking left behind with the cleaners, clothes are washing up super well and all of the scents are lovely with no adverse headache or reaction; wow! G.C. ~ Delta, BC